In the vineyard, we are looking for the natural balance of our vines.

Located in the town of Cravant les Coteaux, the Domaine du Puy extends over 11 localities divided into 35 plots with a maximum altitude of 140 meters.

vins Haute Valeur environnementale

The vineyard has been certified High Environmental Value since 2018 and pursue its organic farming conversion..

We let grass every two rows, to promote the biodiversity of our plots. This helps to control the vigor of the vines, to prevent soil erosion and to provide a diverse plant habitat for wildlife.

This reconciliation with our vines natural balance has allowed us since 20 years to limit the use of insecticides and to reduce our interventions to prevent diseases.

The vineyard maintenance is carried out thanks to attentive and meticulous manual work (simple Guyot pruning, disbudding, removal of inter-hearts and green harvest).

These precautions allow a better grapes nutrition, which ensures the typicity and the concentration of our wines.

Our active commitment to environmental protection aims to preserve this unique heritage.

Our winemaking processes aim to obtain the best expression of our grapes.

Composed by 99% of Cabernet Franc and 1% of Chenin, the Domaine du Puy vineyard has done a meticulous division of its plots. Each plot is cultivated according to its profile.

vins Haute Valeur environnementale

The wines are blended at the property by Patrick and Baptiste who also listen the recommendations of an extern oenologist to produce complex and well-balanced wines.

The farming and winemaking methods combine both tradition and modern techniques: the vines are cultivated according to the terroir, harvest sorting, temperature control system, fermentation in closed thermoregulated vats, 2 weeks of maceration minimum and aging in cement vats, stainless steel vats or in wine barrels.

Once the vinifications are finished and after 7 months of work, the vintage is bottled.

“We can only make good wine if we have meticulously prepared the vines to offer us beautiful grapes. Our vinification processes aim to obtain the best expression of our healthy and ripe grapes. “

Patrick Delalande, 7th generation of winemaker.

Domaine du Puy

We believe in the pleasure of good things and the art of sharing them. Friendliness and love for a job well done remain major aspects of our business.

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