A generous terroir

A generous

We strive to consistently produce exceptional wines in respecting the characteristics of our terroir and our favorite grape: Cabernet Franc, whose average life is 55 years old.

vins terroir

A “terroir” is characterized by the conjunction of four main factors:climate, topology, soil and vines.

Our nutrient-rich soils

Spread over 11 localities and 35 plots, our vineyard is expressed by a unique style linked to its soils made up of silica, clay, parakeet, sand and gravel.

Clay-limestone soil


Soils made from limestone (locally called “tuffeau”) are suitable for Chenin, our white grape variety.

This produces more acidic wines with fine tannins, accompanied by a beautiful aromatic freshness.


Chalky soil

The soils made up of sandy-gravelly formations provide freshness, greediness and fruitiness to our youngest Cabernet Francs.

A extremely porous, filtering earth, the chalk lets the water flow in the subsoil that hold it, then give it back to the vineyard.

Clay-siliceous soil


The clay-siliceous soils are a paradise for the cultivation of our old vines, producing full-body and more structured wines.

This gives round and powerful wines with a beautiful aromatic palette.

A climate favorable to Cabernet Franc

Domaine du Puy is located at 8 km in the south of Chinon, in the village of Cravant les Coteaux, on the right bank of the Vienne. Among the 26 towns claiming the Chinon appellation, Cravant les Coteaux is considered like the best chinon terroir.

vins terroir

This exceptional terroir, benefits from a unique oceanic to semi-continental climate, particularly hotter and drier than the rest of the region. In spring, the mild temperatures allow an early start to the vegetation.

The north forest protects the vineyard from the wind. This preserves the natural acidity of grapes and guarantees a delicate balance in the wines. Cool nights are favorable to the polyphenols synthesis in the grapes (tannins and colored pigments).

The low rainfall, especially in summer, makes the vines in an “water stress” situation. That allow to obtain concentrated grapes in aromas and polyphenols.

This dry climate also allow to reduce the development of parasitic fungi of the vine (mildew and powdery mildew) which cannot spread without moisture. That makes it possible to reduce the treatments in the vines.

An ideal typology

Due to its privileged location, on the southern slope of Cravant les Coteaux, just at the foot of the limestone massif, our vineyard has a majority of plots in the plain, with South and/or South-East exposure (rising sun), ideal for the perfect maturation of our grapes..

A careful division of our plots

Composed at 99% of Cabernet Franc and 1% of Chenin, the Domaine du Puy vineyard has done a meticulous division of these plots. Each plot benefits from precise work adapted to its profile.

Thus, a strict selection of the oldest vines (75 years old) is dedicated to the winemaking of “La part des anges” (Angels share), the property’s Great Wine, whose number of bottles is limited to produce only the best.

Our active commitment to environmental protection aims to preserve this unique heritage.

Domaine du Puy

We believe in the pleasure of good things and the art of sharing them. Friendliness and love for a job well done remain major aspects of our business.

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