The Domaine du Puy is labeled High Environmental Value level 3!

High Environmental Value! Because people and their environment have always been at the heart of our concerns, we have implemented viticultural techniques that respect our terroir.

Fully worked with love throughout the year, our vineyard is home to a rich biodiversity which testifies to the good health of our soils and attests to the ecological efficiency of our methods.

This process, which has been under way for several years now, allowed us to obtain level 3 High Environmental Value certification in spring 2018.

What is the HVE Label (High Environmental Value) in viticulture?

The HVE label is a label awarded to wine growers and farmers who have achieved the highest level of environmental certification, level 3. From the Grenelle de l’Environnement, it was implemented in February 2012. The specificity of this certification lies in its indicators which will measure the results of environmental performance for a more sustainable activity: the HVE 2 determines obligations in terms of resources, the HVE 3 obligations in terms of results. Aspects assessed by this certification include biodiversity, the use of plant protection products, the use of water resources and the management of fertilization.

What are the objectives of the HVE label?

The High Environmental Value label is part of a societal and environmental approach. The idea of ​​this label is to promote environmentally friendly practices on farms, in order to produce wines with less impact on the environment.

What does the High Environmental Value in Viticulture certification guarantee?

The HVE label indicates that the winegrower in charge of the operation has implemented environmentally friendly practices and minimizes his environmental impact by carrying out his wine-growing activity. The HVE label also guarantees that the vineyard has significant biodiversity (“natural areas” including insects, flora and fauna). Customers who buy HVE certified wine will therefore commit to an environmental approach by favoring wines produced with respect for the environment.

Regulation of the HVE label

The HVE label is regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, through ministerial orders and decrees arising from the Grenelle de l’Environnement. All the texts associated with this certification are available online. There are 3 levels of environmental certification: – Level 1 requires regulatory compliance through compliance with essential environmental practices and requirements. – level 2 guarantees compliance with a reference frame of environmental standards – level 3 guarantees the environmental performance of the farm, its high level of biodiversity and good management of fertilization, phytosanitary products and irrigation. The HVE label is awarded to farms that have reached level 3 of environmental certification.

How to obtain the label High Environmental Value in viticulture?

HVE certification is issued by independent accredited bodies on the basis of 4 themes (each divided into items): the preservation of biodiversity (insects, fauna, flora), the phytosanitary strategy, the management of fertilization and the management of water resource. For a winemaker to obtain HVE certification, he must demonstrate to the bodies responsible for awarding the label compliance with indicators related to these 4 themes. For each theme, the winegrower will obtain a rating in the form of “bonus points”. The 4 themes must be validated for the HVE label to be awarded. To keep the HVE label, it will have to be renewed regularly with at least one audit every 18 months (external audit every 3 years for renewal). The system is governed by the National Commission for Environmental Certification (CNCE).

What is the difference between the HVE label and the AB label?

The AB label certifies that the product comes from organic farming. On the other hand, the HVE label simply attests that the agricultural practices employed on the farm are more respectful of the environment than conventional agricultural practices. Winegrowers can very well use pesticides, as long as they prove their effort to reduce their use. On the contrary, organic winegrowers will have to comply with more restrictive conditions regarding traditional farming methods.
The Domaine du Puy offers you Chinon wines labeled High Environmental Value.

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